Art facilitation is about sharing and guiding people through a creative process and successfully deliver a skill set. I believe that creativity is an important thing to share with as many people as possible to ensure that art always holds strong within society.


As a practicing artist, it's a pleasure to be able to share conceptual and technical art skills to other people by guiding them on how to draw and paint. I firmly believe that there is an artist within every individual person and if you have a want to learn basic art skills then I would like to help you along the way.

As an art facilitator, I believe that when we are all learning together, we always inspire and influence one another with every thought and gesture that we create and express.

From a young age in art school I had the privilege of learning from some of the best mentors in Melbourne. From the inspiration of those teachers I crafted my own artistic styles and techniques. Now as an art facilitator it is my pleasure to share some of those skills, techniques and concepts with you. 

So i invite you to join my art classes and have a great time exploring and expressing yourself through drawing and painting activities.


Matthew Domenic Salvo

Masters of Fine Art, R.M.I.T

Blender Studio artist.

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